Block Canara Bank Credit Card, How to Block Canara Bank Credit Card

Canara Bank provides a variety of credit cards to fulfill the diverse lifestyle needs of its clients. Customers from various walks of life can benefit from the bank’s credit card options. The bank provides Classic and Gold credit cards through a partnership with VISA. In addition, the bank offers Classic, Gold, and World credit cards in collaboration with Mastercard.

How to Block Canara Bank, Credit Card

Canara Credit Card Customer Care Number, You can contact Canara Bank customer care on the bank’s toll-free numbers at  1800 425 00181800 103 00181800 208 3333,or1800 3011 3333

Canara Bank Credit Card Blocking: You may block your Canara Bank credit card by following these steps:

  • You can send an SMS to 9266623333 from your registered mobile phone.
  • Enter CAN (space) and HOTLiSTCC (spread) into the text box. Card Code (16 digits) Birthdate (yyyymmdd).
  • Your credit card will be banned after the bank receives your SMS.

Canara Bank Credit Card Cancellation through Phone: You can block your credit card by calling 1800-425-0018 (toll-free – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or 1800-222-884.

How to Block a Canara Bank Credit Card

  1. Will banning my Canara Bank credit card impact my credit score?

No, blocking your Canara Bank credit card does not affect your credit score. However, cancelling a credit card is typically not a brilliant idea because it will harm your credit score. However, there are instances when it is necessary to cancel it, and you may do so without affecting your credit score if you pay off all of your credit card dues and balances.

  1. How can I pay my Canara Bank credit card bill while my card has been blocked?

When your credit card is banned, you can still pay by depositing a check, cash, or demand draft at a Canara Bank location.

  1. Can I request that Canara Bank stop a payment?

Yes, you may stop an automatic payment from being charged to your credit card by requesting a “stop payment order” from your bank. This is possible both online and through the bank’s mobile app. This instructs your bank to prohibit the firm from receiving credit card payments.