Delete Section Break in Word, How To Delete Section Break in Word

The Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Section Breaks in Word The widely used and widely available commercial word processor that Microsoft developed is called Microsoft Word. Acquiring Microsoft Word on its own or as part of the productivity package known as Microsoft Office is possible. The initial version of Microsoft Word was made available to the public in 1983; since then, it has undergone several development iterations. It is available for use on computers running Windows as well as Apple operating systems. Word, sometimes abbreviated as MS Word, is another name for Microsoft Word.

How To Delete Section Break in Word

The most widely used word processor currently available is Microsoft Word, sometimes known simply as Word. It was first made available to the public in 1983 and is still being manufactured today. Users can purchase Microsoft Word as a stand-alone application in addition to receiving it as a component of the Microsoft Office suite. Since its debut in 1983, Microsoft Word has undergone several iterations of feature expansion. Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac personal computers are compatible with Microsoft Word. Word, or Microsoft Word, is the usual name for this program.

The proliferation of Microsoft Windows was primarily responsible for Word’s rise in popularity. The programme was successful due to its ability to match or exceed the performance of the then-dominant WordPerfect application and its ability to provide a better implementation of the newly introduced on-screen formatting and text display features of the GUI.

Word gradually came to dominate the market, but a few specialised programmes, such as legal word processing, were successful in their own right. Microsoft Word’s most popular features include user-configurable style sheets and templates, macros, and various automated capabilities. These capabilities include producing a table of contents and index, assigning revision marks for collaboratively revised documents, on-the-fly spelling and grammar correction, and many more. WordPerfect is a programme for processing written words.

You have several options available to you within Microsoft Word to get rid of one or multiple section breaks. Before you delete the section breaks, you must display the symbols or paragraph markers. It may be necessary for you to select the section breaks in question and then delete them when viewing the document from a different perspective. Be very careful when removing section breaks, as each section could have its unique margins, headers, and footers, as well as page orientation, and deleting a section break might change all of those settings.

Home windows

  • Launch Microsoft Word and open your file there.
  • Select the Home tab from the menu.
  • To display or hide the graph marks, tabs, spaces, and manual page breaks, click the Show/Hide button.
  • Go to the tab labelled Review.
  • Click the Track Changes button.
  • Choose Track Changes from the list of available options in the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Show/Hide option in the Paragraph group by clicking the Home tab if required.
  • To select the break, double-click it or drag it over it and let go of the mouse button.
  • To remove the break, use the backspace key or the delete key.


  • Launch Microsoft Word and open your file there.
  • Choose the “Home” tab from the menu.
  • In the Paragraph section, select either Show or Hide the paragraph.
  • First, choose the section break you want to remove from the document.
  • On your keyboard, you should press the Delete key.

The primary function of the word processing software programme, Microsoft Word, is to facilitate the creation of documents in various file types. Microsoft Word may be used as a word processor for multiple purposes, including creating letters, projects, and even basic logos. At the moment, Microsoft Word is a member of the software family known as Microsoft Office. Other members of this family include Excel, PowerPoint, WordPad, Outlook, Publisher, and many other applications. The word processing application used the most widely is Microsoft Word, which can be installed on personal computers and MACs.