eSalary Haryana Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download Intra Haryana Login

You can log in to for your e-salary slip, GPF statement, or salary slip for 2024. Details of the GPF Statement: The government of Haryana has made an Intra Haryana site that is easy for all government workers in many state government services. Staff working for the government can use this site to look at their pay stubs, service records, pension information, GPF information, biodata, and more.

Intra Haryana Login

Are you a government worker in Haryana who wants to learn more about this online portal? We can help you with everything you need to know to improve your experience!

How do I sign up for the Intra Haryana Portal?

Every employee needs to sign up for the site to use its services. Please follow the steps given below to add your name to Intra Haryana.

  • Use your PC or smartphone to go to the official page at
  • To begin the signup process, click “New Registration” in the list of options below the login box.
  • A page will ask you for information about yourself, such as your Employee type, PayeeCode, or Salary Bank Account No. Once you’ve ensured all the information is correct, click “Submit.”
  • When you click “Submit,” a drop-down menu will appear with two choices: “Show Mobile No. from HRMS” and “Show Mobile No. from W-Salary.” You must pick any alternative to get an OTP and finish the sign-up process.
  • Choosing a choice and hitting “Submit” will send an OTP to the phone number you provided. If you don’t get an OTP, click the “Regenerate OTP” tab. The OTP works for 10 seconds.
  • Type the OTP correctly into the field that’s there.
  • You will see a new page after verifying your OTP. These steps will help users create a strong password for the HRMS site.
  • Type in the password and click the “Confirm” button.
  • If the person successfully registers for the site, they will see a message that says, “User registered successfully.”

How do I get my e-salary slip through IntraHaryana?

Pay is a big part of an employee’s life. With Intra Haryana, it’s easy for government workers to get their e-salary slip. There’s no need to go to the pay office in person.

To get an e-salary slip from the site, follow these steps:

  • Go to their main website.
  • Use the correct password information to get in.
  • The page for the employee’s information will show up.
  • Look for the choice for “e-salary services.”
  • Click on the option. A drop-down menu will show up with two options: Salary Slip and Annual Salary Details.
  • Click on the appropriate choice.
  • You will see information about your pay along with the appropriate choice on the screen.
  • Look over the information and click on “Download.”