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How to fill out the Indian Bank KYC form for 2024 Download the Indian Bank kyc form: Do you need to fill out a KYC form for an Indian bank? You are also experiencing “problems” while filling out the form. 

Indian Bank KYC Update Form

Hence, in this essay, we’ll discuss how to quickly fill out the KYC form for an Indian bank. When filling out the KYC form, there are a few crucial considerations that must be made to avoid having your form refused. These details will also be included in this post.

Indian Bank eKyc Form

What is a KYC form for an Indian bank? “Know Your Customer” stands for this phrase, and the Indian Bank KYC Form is a form the bank uses to gather data about its clients. The Reserve Bank of India oversees its administration (RBI).

Indian Bank Re KYC Update Form

What details must be provided on the Indian Bank KYC form? Personal data such your name, address, date of birth, identity document, and signature are required on the Indian Bank KYC Form.

IB eKYC Update Form

How to complete a KYC form for an Indian bank in 5 minutes Two methods exist for completing the Indian Bank KYC form:

  1. Online: Visit the official website of Indian Bank and fill the online form.
  2. Offline: Visit the nearest Indian Bank branch and fill the form physically.

You must have documentation like a passbook, PAN card, and Aadhar card before filling out the KYC form. If you have all of these documents, please fill out the KYC form. Let’s begin filling out the form now:

  • Date:- Write the date first. Keep in mind that you write the date on which you will submit this form to the bank.
  • Branch:- Write the name of your branch in it.
  • A/ C Type Saving: – In this option you tick Saving  .
  • Branch Code :- Fill your branch code in this , if you do not know your branch code then you can find it by searching on Google.
  • A / C Number : – Fill your account number in this.
  • Customer Number: – Fill your customer number in this, if you do not know the customer number, then fill it by looking in your pass book.
  • Religion Name:- Mention the name of your religion in this. If your religion is out of all the options, then tick it, if not, then tick Other.
  • Date of Birth :- Fill your date of birth in this.
  • Category:- Tick the box which is your category.
  • Name :- Fill your full name in it.
  •  Father Name:- You fill your father’s name.
  • Mother Name :- Fill your mother’s name in this.
  •  Marital Status:- If you are married then Tick on Married and if you are not married then Tick on Unmarried.
  • Spouse Name :- If you are a male and you have ticked on Married then you should write the name of your wife and if you are a female and you have ticked on Married then you should write the name of your husband.
  • Nationality: – If you are Indian then tick Indian, if you are not Indian then do not tick Indian. 
  •  Gender: – In this you have to tell whether you are male or female and Tick what you are.
  • Birth Place ( City Name ):- Fill the name of the city in which you were born.
  • Proof of identity (POI) Type Submitted: – In Proof of identity, you can give your Aadhaar card if you want.
  • PAN Number : – In this you fill your PAN card number.
  • Aadhaar Number: – In this you fill your Aadhaar card number.
  •  Permanent Address:- In this you fill your temporary and address.
  •  Mobile Number: – In this you fill your mobile number.
  • Email: – In this you fill your email id.
  • Educational Qulification:- Fill in where you have studied, if you have done MBA then fill in it otherwise you can leave it.
  •  Occupation / Nature of Business: – If you do a job, then you fill the type of job in this.
  • Annual Income: – In this you have to tell your annual income.
  • No. If Dependent:- Write the number of dependents on you in your family.
  • Residential Address: – Tick on RI in this.
  • Natural Guardian: – If you are below 18 years of age, then write the name of your Guardian.
  • Name of Related Person :- Write the name of Guardian.
  • Relation with related person: – What is the relation between you and your guardian, write in it.
  • Photo :- Paste your photo in the space given above.

If anything is missing in this form, then ask the bank employee when you go to submit this form.

How do I submit the form for Indian Bank KYC? The KYC form can be submitted in person at any Indian Bank branch or online by uploading the completed form.

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You read this post to learn how to complete the KYC form for an Indian bank, and you presumably have already done so. If you are having any issues, please let us know in the comment section below and we will respond to your questions.