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How can I SMS-block my IOB ATM card? From your registered cellphone number, dial 18004254445. To ban the ATM card, follow the IVR instructions and dial the appropriate number. The executive will request a few account and account holder data from you.


How can I Block my ATM card? The following is the technique for blocking a debit card via phone banking:

How to Block IOB ATM Card

  • Contact the bank and verify your identity.
  • Verify and validate the Debit Card information.
  • The Phone Banking customer service representative may ask you certain security questions.
  • Once validated, the customer service representative will block your Debit Card.

How can I block my lost IOB debit card?, IOB’s 24×7 helpline through Phone: 044-28519470.

How can I get my Indian bank ATM card unblocked? Call any of Indian Bank’s national IVR toll-free lines – 1800 425 00 000/1800 425 4422 – using your registered mobile number.

Can I use my phone to disable my ATM card? SMS-based ATM card blocking Banks provide SMS banking services, which allow you to request an ATM card block by sending an SMS in a certain format to the bank’s number. You will receive a confirmation message that includes the ticket number, date, and time of the ATM card banning.

How can I block my Indian bank ATM card by phone?

For Hot Listing of Lost cards:

  • Blocking through SMS: Please type the message ‘BLOCKCC’ and send the SMS to 56767 from your registered mobile to immediately block the card.
  • Through 24 hours toll free Customer Care number : 1800 425 00000.

What code should I enter to ban my ATM card? Blocking your Card temporarily prohibits it from being used for new purchases. Recurring bills, such as subscriptions or monthly invoices, will, however, continue to post to your account as usual.

How do I cancel my lost card?

How to report a lost credit card

  • To talk with a representative, contact your card issuer. Locate your issuer’s phone number on your credit card bills, or if they offer a web-chat facility on their website, use it to talk with a representative.
  • Think about locking the card.
  • Verify any recent charges.

it is possible to cancel my debit card online? Depending on the provider, you may be able to deactivate your debit card through your online account. Otherwise, you must contact customer care to have your identification verified and your card cancelled.

Why has my ATM card been blocked? If you repeatedly input the erroneous ATM PIN, your bank may proactively disable your ATM card. It protects your ATM card from being abused if it is stolen or misplaced. Solution: If your ATM card was not stolen and you typed the PIN incorrectly, it will be automatically unblocked after 24 hours,

How can I get my IOB ATM card activated? Visit any IOB ATM and insert the card. A 6 digit OTP will be given to your registered mobile phone. After receiving the OTP, insert the card again and input the OTP. If the OTP is accurate, the screen prompts you to enter a 4 number PIN of your choosing and confirm by re-entering the New PIN.