SBI Statement, Download by YONO Quick, Missed Call, SMS & etc

How to check your SBI Mini Statement with an App, Missed Call Number, SMS, and more Users of SBI can look up recent transactions on the mini statement without going to the bank. The bank has made the procedure rather easy to understand and uncomplicated. Account users may access internet banking on their mobile phone and laptop as well as missed call service, SMS service, and apps from the comfort of their home.

SBI Statement

For those who don’t know, an SBI mini statement is just a little passbook that records all recent transactions that have been made through ATMs, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, UPI, etc. Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial for checking your SBI mini statement through phone, SMS, or internet banking/app.

Check the SBI mini statement

If for some reason this wasn’t done when you opened a bank account, the first and most important thing you need to do is register your phone number with SBI. Open your messaging app, create a new SMS, type REGspace>SBI bank account number, and send it to 09223488888 to accomplish this. Once it is finished, you may quickly ask for the mini statement via SMS, missed call, and other means detailed in more detail below.

How to use a missed call number to check an SBI mini statement

Simply dial the above number from your registered cellphone number to receive an SMS with the SBI mini statement.

  • Open your phone app
  • Dial and call 09223866666 
  • The call will automatically disconnect after a few rings
  • After that, wait for a few seconds and you’ll get an SMS
  • This SMS will contain your SBI mini statement with 5 recent transactions

How to use SMS to check SBI statement

You may easily check your SBI statement by SMS as well. How? Read on.

  • On your phone, launch the ‘Messages’ app.
  • Send an SMS with the subject “MSTMT” to 09223866666 from your registered mobile phone to start a new chat.
  • You’ll receive an SMS with your SBI mini statement and the last five transactions made on your SBI bank account after a little delay.