Tripura Employee Pay Slip 2024, GPF Tripura Pay Slip 2024, Download at

The Tripura government offers an opportunity for its government employees. Tripura Employees Payslip Download, Login at The Tripura government has allowed employees to obtain their payslips through an online platform it developed.

Tripura Employee Pay Slip

All state employees, including the government teachers of Tripura, greatly benefit from the automated HRMS system, which the finance department of the state handles. Employees may promptly obtain their payslip slips through this website, avoiding the office’s congestion. The Integrated Financial Management System is a fantastic effort to preserve open communication between the company and the employee.

Employee Payslip for Tripura

Last date to get SlipsTripura Employee Salary Slip 2024
SubjectHRMS Tripura releases Online Employee Pay Slips
CategoryPayslip /Salary Slip
StateTripura State
ProviderHRMS Tripura
Last date to getting SlipsAny time
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The automated HRMS gateway may produce Tripura employee payslips as a PDF document. It is very convenient to connect in to the Tripura employee payslip portal. You may access this integrated financial HRMS site by simply inputting standard information, such as your user name and password. The payslip for an employee is a crucial document that provides all the information regarding the monthly payment deposited to the employee’s accounts, including the salary received, the tax deducted, and several other data.

This computerized pay sheet also includes information about the employees’ banks, PAN numbers, and employee numbers. The salary statement is a tool that employees may use to get financial leverage in the form of loans from any financial institution or even to take advantage of various government regulations. Employees may check their pay Slips by entering into their account on This method makes obtaining payslips online easier for employees and finance departments. By simply selecting the chosen month or year, an employee may get a payslip for any month or any year they wish.

With such a vast workforce, it is crucial to notify employees of their salary and collect personal information for government use. The payslip download is one of the numerous features of the HRMS platform. Tripura employees may quickly get their payslips using this method. To download your employee payslip, follow the instructions.

  • Go to Tripura’s official HRMS website.
  • Enter your user ID and password on the Login screen. Once you’ve entered them, double-check them.
  • On the page, click the Login tab.
  • Select the employee option from the drop-down list on the online application.
  • Select the Salary Slip File option under the Salary Statement.
  • After that, your system will download the pay Slip.

CTOS Employee Login for Tripura

By contacting the DDO officer chosen by the government, paySlips for the employees can also be created. Employees can create their payslips by logging into the Computerized Online Treasury Operation System (CTOS), which manages the operations of DDO officers. If an employee’s HRMS portal is down, downloading a payslip is a beautiful backup option.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the complex procedure to log into the site.

  • Access the provided website at
  • Type in the provided captcha, user ID, and password.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose your treasury.
  • Select the Login option.
  • Next, decide which month and year you want to create the payslip.
  • Select the Submit button. Your screen will now show the payslip, which you may save or print according to your needs.