Block BOI Bank Credit Card, How to Block BOI Credit Card

How to Put a Freeze on Your Bank of India Credit Card If you are a client of BOI Bank of India and have lost or had your credit card stolen, then you are required to deactivate the card as soon as possible in order to protect yourself from fraudulent activities.

How to Cancel Your Credit Card with the Bank of India

You have the following options for blocking your Bank of India ATM, debit, or credit card:

  • The best and quickest way to cancel your BOI credit card is to contact Customer Care.
  • Banking via the Internet at the BOI
  • Traveling to the Branch

Number to Block Credit Cards Issued by the Bank of India

  • Before you may call to ban or hotlist a Credit Card, you need to have either the account number or the number of the Credit Card and the ATM PIN.
  • The toll-free number to call in order to block a Bank of Ireland credit card is 18004251112.
  • You may reach us on any mobile device by dialing 1800 425 1112.
  • The number for the landline is 022-404-29123.
  • Send an email to in order to ban a credit card using email.
  • The number to call for the ATM Helpdesk is 02240429036.
  • You also have the option to request a new ATM credit card. However, there will be a small fee associated with this service.

Putting a Hold on Your BOI Credit Card Through Internet Banking

  • Sign in to Bank of Ireland Internet Banking
  • Request to have the Credit Card quickly accessible in the main menu.

Credit Card Issued by Block Bank of India

  • Call the following toll-free number to help with the BOI Credit Card’s hotlisting:
  • To ban the credit card, call the toll-free number 1800220088 and make your request. The landline number is either 02240426005 or 02240426006
  • Pay a visit to the Bank of India branch that is most convenient for you, ask the teller to block your card, and then fill out an application for a new credit card.