Block HDFC Credit Card, How to Block HDFC Credit Card?

The process of blocking an HDFC credit card. In the event of a stolen HDFC credit card, it is possible to promptly freeze or cancel it by contacting the customer service lines provided by HDFC Bank.

How to Block HDFC Credit Card

Contact HDFC Credit Card Customer Care at 1860-267-6161 

Methods for Blocking or Deactivating a Credit Card Online If an individual misplaces or experiences theft of their HDFC Bank Credit Card, they can initiate a hotlisting or cancellation procedure. This may be accomplished by contacting the designated Phone Banking numbers, executing an online blockage using Net Banking, or physically visiting a branch affiliated with HDFC.

To initiate the process of blocking your HDFC credit card, you can use the NetBanking platform.

  • To initiate the process of blocking your credit card using NetBanking, please adhere to the following instructions.
  • It is recommended that you access your NetBanking account by logging in.
  • To initiate the blocking process for a specific credit card, please navigate to the designated tab for credit cards and proceed to choose the desired credit card.
  • Upon accessing the NetBanking platform, a comprehensive compilation of the credit cards that have been successfully registered will be shown for your perusal.
  • Choose the credit card number.
  • Please choose the justification for adding the credit card to the hotlist.

Additionally, it is possible to reissue a card using the same method.

To initiate the process of blocking your HDFC credit card, you may use the PhoneBanking service.

The process of blocking or cancelling an HDFC Bank credit card can be initiated using the PhoneBanking service.

  • It is crucial to validate one’s Telephone Identification Number (TIN).
  • The bank often gives customers a four-digit number to facilitate access to phone banking services.
  • It is imperative to adhere to all the directions provided after verifying the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

To initiate the process of blocking your HDFC credit card, it is recommended that you visit the bank branch in person.

  • Please retrieve the application form.
  • To initiate the processing of your request, please proceed to a branch of HDFC Bank and submit the necessary form.

Methods for Unblocking Your HDFC Credit Card

To initiate the unblocking of a credit card, it is advised to establish communication with HDFC Credit Card Customer Care by dialling the contact number 1860-267-6161. The Customer Service Centre phone numbers for various cities may be found on the official website of HDFC.

If a bank has deactivated your card as a result of either excessive expenditures or outstanding obligations, it is possible to request reactivation. It is not advisable to make an effort to remove the block on your credit card if it has been either stolen or misplaced.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the available methods for settling the outstanding balance on my HDFC credit card if the card has been blocked?

During credit card blockage, other payment methods such as check, cash, or demand draft deposit at a branch of HDFC Bank can be utilised.

What steps do I to follow to initiate the permanent online blocking of my HDFC credit card?

Please go to the website to obtain the Credit Card Closure Form. Please go to the official website of HDFC Bank at and complete the necessary paperwork. Once the letter has been completed, it is advisable to dispatch it to the Manager of HDFC Bank Credit Cards, located at PO Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041.

Is it possible to temporarily ban my HDFC credit card?

Indeed, it is possible to utilise this functionality, which enables a credit card’s temporary suspension and subsequent reactivation. Access your HDFC credit card net banking website account and navigate to the ‘Manage Card’ area.