Block SBI Credit Card, How to Block SBI Credit Card?

Misplaced SBI Credit Card: Blocking your SBI credit card is the first thing you should do if you lose or have it stolen. Blocking your SBI credit card is quick and straightforward. In the event of such a crisis,

How to Block SBI Credit Card

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If you lose or damage your SBI credit card, you must inform the bank immediately via any available method, online or otherwise. There will be no room for theft or misappropriation of funds. The bank will immediately cancel your SBI card and offer you a brand-new one.

Restricting Use of Your SBI Credit Card

The following are options for suspending your SBI credit card that you may use online or in person.

Digital Techniques

The SBI’s Main Page

  1. Go to the State Bank of India’s main website.
  2. Second, access your online banking account by entering your username and password.
  3. Go to the ‘Requests’ area and click the ‘Report Lost/Stolen Card’ link.
  4. Select the SBI credit card that best suits your needs.
  5. Choose ‘Reissue Card’ if you need a new credit card.
  6. Step 6: Select ‘Submit’ to cancel your SBI card.

Mobile App by SBI

  1. The first step is to get the official SBI app on your mobile device.
  2. Enter your username and password to log in.
  3. Third, select “Service Request” from the “Menu” drop-down.
  4. Step four is to click that link to file a lost or stolen report.
  5. Fifth, decide which SBI credit card you want to use.
  6. To request a replacement card, step 6 is to select the “Reissue Card” option.
  7. Select number seven (‘Submit’) to cancel your SBI card.

Offline Techniques

Care for Customers

You can call the toll-free SBI credit card customer service number at 1860-180-1290 to begin blocking your card. You may also use your mobile phone by dialling 3902-0202, followed by the country’s STD code. A customer service team member will take your call and document your complaint before giving you the next steps.


You must send a text message from your verified phone number to deactivate the SBI card. Type ‘BLOCK’ followed by the last four digits of your SBI credit card number, then email it to 5676791. When you submit a request to have your SBI credit card frozen, the process will begin immediately.

Branch Checkout

To find out “how to block SBI credit cards,” contact your local branch office. To cancel your SBI credit card, the relevant executive will first request identity verification.


How can I put a permanent hold on my SBI credit card?

You can permanently freeze your SBI credit card using the following methods: the SBI website, the SBI mobile app, the SBI customer care service, or an SMS.

How can I put a hold on my stolen or lost SBI credit card?

Many methods exist to notify SBI of a lost or stolen credit card. You may access your account with SBI via their mobile app, website, toll-free phone, SMS service, or by visiting any physical location. To suspend your SBI credit card, you may begin the process online or in person.

What do I need to do to get my SBI Credit Card reissued?

By visiting the SBI website and signing into your net banking account with your credentials, you can request a replacement SBI credit card. Go to the ‘Request’ tab and choose the ‘Reissue/Replace Card’ link. Select the credit card you want to use on the next screen, and then hit the submit button. You may request a replacement credit card from your bank without completing another online application.

If my SBI credit card is frozen, how will I find out?

Officials at SBI will check your request to freeze your card after you submit it. After the SBI card has been temporarily disabled, a verification message will be issued to the registered phone number and email address.

What is the phone number to call to cancel my SBI credit card?

You can call the SBI credit card blocking service’s toll-free number or use the text message service. Send an SMS from your registered cellphone number to 5676791 with the word “BLOCK” and the last four numbers of your SBI credit card. If you ask the bank to suspend your SBI credit card, they will do it immediately.