Block RBL Bank Credit Card, How to Block RBL Credit Card

The name RBL Bank is pretty well-known within the banking industry. It is a private sector bank that offers banking solutions to retail clients, corporate customers, non-resident Indian consumers, insurance customers, credit card customers, investment customers, and customers for various other financial products and services.

How to Block RBL Credit Card

Customers of the bank can choose from a wide variety of credit cards provided by the bank according to the sorts of cards that best suit their spending habits and eligibility requirements. Individuals who are self-employed or get a salary may be eligible for one of these credit cards or corporate cards. The firm’s representative, who has the corporate card, has the authority to spend money on behalf of the organization and charge it to the company account.

The cardholder can cancel these credit cards once the bank has issued them. A variety of factors might lead to the cancellation of a credit card account, including inactivity on the card, exorbitant annual fees, and others.

The following elucidates the steps to cancel RBL credit cards and their associated processes.

Options for terminating your RBL Bank credit card account

RBL Bank customers have several options for canceling their credit cards. Customers interested in balancing their RBL credit cards can use either the Internet or the offline options in this category. The procedure for the same is outlined in the following paragraphs.

Through Email

To cancel their credit cards with RBL Bank, applicants must submit an email to the bank. The following is the email address for sending the message:

  • If you have a Supercard, email your questions to
  • for any other card inquiries

Cardholders must give some basic information in the accompanying email to cancel their credit cards. These particulars consist of,

  • The name of the person who has the card
  • The serial number of the card
  • Your birth date and time
  • Date d’expiration

By going to the location that is geographically closest to you,

Getting in touch with the bank branch where you have your RBL credit card account might be another straightforward option. Credit card customers who wish to cancel their accounts should only make a trip to their financial institution’s location, which is located most conveniently to them. In addition to an identification verification, the cardholder must give the essential information listed above. To eliminate any potential fraudulent use of the credit card, the person who possesses the card will be required to make a diagonal cut across the back of the card, where the magnetic strip is located.

By Providing Care for Customers

Another option for cardholders who want to cancel their credit cards is to contact the bank’s customer service department. The following is a list of the bank’s customer service telephone numbers for inquiries on credit cards or the cancellation of credit cards:

  • For SuperCard questions, call +91 22 7119 0900
  • For all other credit cards, please call +91 22 6232 7777

The repercussions of cancelling the credit card account

Terminating a credit card account has an immediate and significant effect on the cardholder’s credit score. After closing a credit card account, the overall credit limit of the cardholder will be lower, which will result in a higher credit utilization ratio for the cardholder.

The cardholder can prevent this by reducing spending and keeping the credit usage percentage at the same level. It puts an abrupt end to the cardholder’s credit history, which harms the cardholder’s credit score. If the cardholder only has one credit card accessible, Cancelling it might significantly impact their credit score. Because of this, there is a possibility that the cardholder’s credit score will become invalid over time.