IOB Mobile Number Change, How to Change Indian Overseas Bank Mobile Number

Modify your Indian Overseas Bank registered mobile number, Edit or modify your Indian Overseas Bank registered mobile number: It is now mandatory to register your mobile number with your bank in order to benefit from online banking as all banks offer these services for the convenience of their clients and to make transactions easier.

IOB Mobile Number Change

Your cellphone number must be registered in your account with Indian Overseas Bank in order to utilise the Internet banking, phone banking, or SMS alerts services. Moreover, bear in mind that if your cellphone number is not current with the Indian Overseas Bank, you will not be able to access any of the bank’s services.

IOB Mobile Number Change Form

IOB Mobile Number Change, How to Change Indian Overseas Bank Mobile Number
How to Change Indian Overseas Bank Mobile Number

Fallowing the direct inks tow Download Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) Mobile Number Change Form PDF From Google Drive Link 1 & Link 2.

Why Should You Change Your Indian Overseas Bank Registered Mobile Number?

  • You will be able to utilise Internet Banking, and Indian Overseas Bank will send you an SMS if your account is affected by a transaction.
  • Only your registered mobile number can be used for SMS or phone banking.
  • You won’t have any communication breakdowns with Indian Overseas Bank regarding any crucial issues

Whenever your mobile number changes, you must update your bank’s registered mobile number. Please take note that you may do this as often as you like.

How can you update or change your Indian Overseas Bank registered mobile number? You must take the following actions in order to alter your Indian Overseas Bank registered mobile number:

Method 1: Go to the Indian Overseas Bank location where you have an account.

Please visit the Indian Overseas Bank Home Branch with the required identification and proof of address documents, such as a copy of your most recent telephone bill, Aadhar card, passport, etc.

Method 2: Obtain KYC Details Change form

Ask for the “KYC Details Change Form” when you meet with the relationship manager or bank executive in order to modify the registered mobile number.

Method 3: Fill up KYC Details Change form

Completely fill out the KYC Details Change Form. You must provide the following information:

  • Your bank information, such as account numbers, account holders’ names, types of accounts, etc.
  • Mark the details you wish to alter, such as your registered cellphone number if you want to change it.
  • Fill up the slot with your new mobile number by typing it there.
  • Place your signature where necessary.

Method 4: Provide KYC Information Change form and required papers

Send the properly completed KYC Details Change form to the bank representative together with your proof of address and proof of identification (if required).

Method 5: Have your request to modify your registered cellphone number acknowledged.

The Bank Executive will check the paperwork, your signature, and other information. Once the form is complete in every way, he will acknowledge your request and provide it to you.

Method 6: Your request to change your registered mobile number will be processed.

Indian Overseas Bank will update your registered mobile number in your account and in the bank records after proper confirmation.

Method 7: Confirm any changes to your registered mobile number with the bank.

After a few hours, Indian Overseas Bank will notify you by email or SMS on your new mobile number about altering your registered mobile number in your account. If you do not receive any notification, you can call your branch to find out if the adjustments have been made.