UCO Bank ATM Block, How to Block UCO Bank ATM Card

Block of ATM cards issued by UCO Bank How to Block the ATM Debit Card of UCO Bank – Friends, we will explain how to Block a UCO Bank debit card in today’s post. For the protection of your account, you must immediately get your UCO Bank ATM card stopped so that it cannot be used fraudulently if it is ever lost or stolen.

UCO Bank ATM Block

All of its clients have access to UCO Bank’s ATM Debit Card capability. Using an ATM has numerous advantages, but if your card is lost or stolen, you might suffer significant damages. You should thus guard your UCO Bank card with great care.

UCO Bank ATM Block Number

24/7 Toll Free no: 1800 103 0123
HOT<space>xxxx and send to 9230192301

Both phoning a toll-free number and sending an SMS are acceptable ways for UCO Bank to quickly block an ATM card. You should be aware of both of these options so that you may still use your card if necessary. can complete the hotlist.

SMS-based blocking of UCO bank ATM cards

The simplest method is to send a message, in which you must transmit HOT by writing the card number or account number in front of it, blocking the ATM card. You must send the following text to 9230192301 using the message box on your mobile device: HOTspace>last 4 digits of card or bank account number>.

Example –HOT 9876   Send To   9230192301

Call the customer service line to cancel the card.

Call the customer service line for UCO Bank at toll-free number 18001030123 to validate your card information and request the blocking of your ATM debit card.

By using the two simple procedures described above, you can close your UCO Bank ATM card at any moment. You must verify the card before blocking it since, even if you still have your card, you won’t be able to activate it again once it has been blocked. Why not return it? If you suspect that your card has been stolen, block it right away.