UCO Bank Mini Statement Number, UCO Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call, ATM, SMS & etc

How to get UCO Bank mini statement? UCO Bank provides many facilities to its customers, so that you can do all banking related work without visiting the bank. One of them is to check UCO Bank mini statement. With UCO Bank Mini Statement, you can easily check the account of the last few transactions done in your account. How to get UCO Bank mini statement?

UCO Bank Mini Statement

Below we are going to discuss about this only. Read this article till the end so that you can understand everything easily. We have already come to know how to check UCO bank balance . Now we know how to get UCO Bank mini statement.

UCO Bank Mini Statement Number

UCO Bank Mini Statement Number From your registered cellphone number, dial 1800-274-0123, which is the UCO Bank balance inquiry number mini statement. Please keep in mind that UCO Bank does not provide a missed call service. As a result, the user must dial the aforesaid number to obtain their mini statement.

How to get UCO Bank mini statement? – Various Process

There are four more process available with UCO Bank Mini Statement Number to get UCO Bank Mini Statement. Let us know the step by step process of how to get UCO Bank mini statement.

1) Through miss call-

You can get mini statement of your account just by giving a missed call. It is much easier than other procedures. To adopt this process, it is mandatory that your phone number is linked with the bank account.

UCO bank mini statement number is – 09213125125

  1. You have to copy this given number and paste it in the dial of your phone.
  2. Then call this number from the bank registered sim card.
  3. The call will be automatically disconnected and you will receive a SMS with the mini statement shortly.

2) Through mobile app –

You must be aware that UCO Bank provides the facility of mobile app. If you use it, you can also check your mini statement with the help of it.

  1. First you open the UCO mBanking Plus mobile app.ANDROID / iOS
  2. Then login to this app by giving your login pin.
  3. After login in this, on the home screen you will get an option of Account View , click on it.
  4. Then the amount available in your account will be displayed.
  5. After that click on Mini Statement .
  6. The mini statement of your account will be displayed.

3) Through ATM –

Nowadays everyone has an ATM available. Apart from withdrawing money, you can use it for other purposes like checking balance, checking mini statement etc. UCO Bank also provides ATM facility to its customers. If you have an ATM available with you, you can also view the mini statement of your account using it.

  1. First of all, take your ATM card and go to the nearest ATM.
  2. There you will be asked to select the language as soon as you insert the card in the machine, choose your preferred language.
  3. Then you will get many options, select mini statement from them.
  4. After that you will be asked for PIN, enter it.
  5. The mini statement of your account will be displayed.

4) Through Net Banking –

Banks have their own net banking portal. UCO Bank is also not his option. If you are a net banking customer of UCO Bank, you can also check mini statement of your account using this. Let’s know how –

  1. First of all open the net banking portal of UCO Bank. https://www.ucobank.com/
  2. Then click on Net banking login .
  3. Now you will get two options, Retail login & Corporate Login . Choose according to yourself.
  4. Then give your User ID and click on Login .
  5. After that enter your password and click on login again .
  6. Now an OTP will be sent to your number, enter it and click on CONTINUE button.
  7. You will reach the net banking dashboard of UCO Bank.
  8. There three dots will be visible near your account number, click on it.
  9. Then click on View Mini Statement .
  10. The last few transactions of your account will be shown to you.

5) Through SMS –

If you need any other method apart from the methods mentioned above, you can also use SMS. This method is also very easy, for this you just have to send a message. You have to write TRAN <Account Number> <mPIN> in the message and send it to 56161 . After some time of sending the message, you will receive a message in which your mini statement will be written.


How to check UCO bank account?

You get many options to check UCO Bank account balance. You can call 18002740123 or send UCOBAL to 56161 to check your account balance.

How to register mobile number in UCO Bank?

For this you have to go to the nearest bank branch. Take a form there and fill it with your facts and submit it. After checking the details, the mobile number will be linked with your account.  

What is UCO Bank Customer Number?

You can call 1800 103 0123 number to ask anything or to complain about UCO Bank.

Summary –

In this article, we have got complete information about how to get UCO Bank mini statement. Along with the UCO Bank mini statement number, we have come to know the process of withdrawing the mini statement through four other modes like net banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, ATM. If you have read this article carefully, then you will not face any problem, even if you have any problem, then you can tell in the comment box below, we will try our best to solve it. If you liked this article, then share it with your friends so that they too can get complete information about how to get UCO Bank mini statement. Thank you for reading this article till the end, have a nice day.