UCO Bank Address Change Form, How to Change Address in UCO Account? Online & Offline

Change Your Address in UCO Account Records If you want to update any of your contact details, such as Address Change, email ID, and address, to your UCO Account, UCO provides certain provisions to do so. Here’s how you can update your contact information.

UCO Bank Address Change

Update Your Address Change in Your UCO Bank Account There are many benefits that come with linking your Address Change to your UCO bank account. You can easily change your internet banking account password or regenerate a forgotten password. You will receive information on all functions carried out in your bank account, and you can also receive important bank notices.

UCO Bank Address Change Form

Download Change Address in Savings Account in UCO Bank Account PDF Format

Changing Your Address Using UCO Internet Banking

  • Go to the UCO Internet banking site.
  • Go to ‘Profile->Personal Details->Change Address Change’ in the ‘My Accounts’ section of the screen on the left.
  • Select the Account number, input the Address Change, and then click ‘Submit.’
  • On the screen, you may see the last two digits of the recorded Address Change.
  • Your Address Change has been successfully updated.

Updating Your Address Change at a UCO Location

  • Visit a UCO branch near you.
  • Fill up and send a request letter.
  • Following verification, your Address Change will be associated with the branch.
  • After connecting, you will receive an SMS indicating that your registered Address Change has been updated.

Changing Your Address Using a UCO ATM

  • Go to the nearest ATM.
  • ‘Registration’->’Address Change Registration’->’Change Address Change’
  • Enter and validate your previous Address Change.
  • Enter and validate the new Address Change.
  • Both the new and old Address Changes will receive a message instructing them to provide the OTP and reference number obtained through SMS. Within 4 hours, send the message: ACTIVATE (IOTP VALUE) + (REF NUMBER) TO 567676.
  • Your address will be changed.

Change Your Email Address on Your UCO Account

Changing Your Email Address Using UCO Internet Banking

  • Access your Internet banking account.
  • Go to ‘Profile->Personal Details->Change Email ID’ under ‘My Accounts’.
  • Choose the account number, input the email address, and click ‘Submit.’
  • You have the option of self-approving by entering the OTP given with your registered Address Change, or requesting branch approval.
  • The status will be emailed to your corrected email address.

Updating Your Email Address at a UCO Branch

  • Go to your local UCO branch.
  • Fill up and send a request letter.
  • The branch changes the email ID after verification.
  • You will be notified of the progress of the change via your updated email address.

Update Your UCO Account’s Address

Cardholders must provide their KYC credentials whenever their current residence address on the card account changes, according to the Reserve Bank of India’s standards. You must provide self-attested documentation of your current/permanent residence address.

The following papers are acceptable as proof of current/permanent dwelling address. You may provide any of the following papers as evidence of address:

  1. Passport
  2. Driving Licence (both sides)
  3. Voter’s Identity Card (both sides)
  4. Aadhaar Card/Virtual ID
  5. Address proof issued by State/Central Government
  6. NREGA issued job card duly signed by a State Government officer
  7. Letter issued by National Population Register containing the name and address details
  8. Utility bills (electricity, telephone, postpaid mobile phone, piped gas, water bill) not more than two months old, of any service provider.
  9. Property/Municipal Tax receipt
  10. Documents from departments or public sector undertakings, if they have the address on them
  11. Pension/family pension payment orders (PPOs) issued to retired employees by the Government.
  12. Letter of accommodation allotment from an employer, that is issued by any State/Central Government departments, statutory/regulatory bodies, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions, public sector undertakings, or listed companies.

Things to keep in mind

  • Documents must be current as of the date of submission.
  • Self-attestation is required for all documents.
  • Mention your registered Address Change/registered email id in the email body or on the KYC paperwork.
  • Driving licences issued in states where the document cannot be used as address proof will not be accepted as address proof.
  • As evidence, you must transmit the necessary KYC papers for your current/permanent dwelling address via any of the following modes:
  1. Website: Log in to your UCO card online and promptly update a scanned copy of your current/permanent dwelling address.
  2. UCO Card Mobile App: The UCO Card Mobile App allows you to alter your current/permanent residential address.
  3. E-mail: You can send the document/s to addressproof@UCOcard.com using your registered email address and attaching a copy of the self-attested KYC paperwork.
  4. Courier: Enclose your current/permanent residential address proof and mail it to the address shown below, together with the declaration form: