Block HSBC Credit Card, How to Block HSBC Credit Card

How to Stop Using an HSBC Credit Card Online or in-person transactions made with credit cards are done using a secure payment method. Credit cards, however, can also be used fraudulently and without your knowledge. If you misplace your credit card, this danger becomes much more credible. In this situation, you should be able to ban HSBC credit cards. The various approaches are listed below.

How to Block HSBC Credit Card

How to Block & Apply for a Replacement HSBC Bank Credit Card You may quickly and effectively ban their credit card with HSBC Bank. If your credit card is lost or stolen, blocking it might protect you from fraudulent activity. To block your HSBC credit card, you have a choice of 4 different blocking techniques.

There are several ways to restrict your HSBC Bank credit card:

Using the means the bank offers, consumers may quickly block their credit cards. Use one of the four HSBC Bank-recommended methods to report the loss or theft of your credit card and get it banned by the bank right away;


The simplest approach to block your credit card is through online banking. Using your user name and password, go to the official HSBC website and sign in to your online banking account. Go through your account and ban your credit card, noting why you’re doing it. Your screen device will display a notification letting you know that your credit card has been successfully banned.

Use of a mobile device:

You must first download the HSBC mobile banking application. using your online banking user ID and password, sign in to your account. Select card block services by navigating the app. Select your credit card and block it, explaining why you’re doing so. Your device’s screen will display a pop-up notice that reads “credit card successfully blocked.”

Mobile banking:

Customers can submit their issues or complaints about credit cards using the phone banking service of HSBC Bank. By using the phone banking feature, a credit cardholder can get their card banned if they lose it. Contact the bank by calling the toll-free number 1800-2670-3456 or 1800-121-2208. To ban your credit card, follow the directions given by the IVR machine.

HSBC Bank Location:

Visitors to the bank branch might block their credit cards. Fill out the card blocking form by grabbing it off the counter. Your credit card will be banned after you submit the completed form. On the cellphone number you have on file, you will get the confirmation message.

How can I obtain a replacement HSBC credit card?

Your credit card replacement services are free thanks to HSBC Bank. If you lose your credit card, you can get a new one online, over the phone, or in person at the HSBC office that is closest to you.

Following submission of the request, you can follow the replacement credit card application through netbanking, phone banking, or in-person visits to the bank.


Can I still make payments with my banned HSBC credit card?

Once a card has been blocked, it cannot be used again. Additionally, as soon as the bank receives your complaint, the card is almost instantly banned.

Can I still use my credit card’s reward points after it has been blocked?

Redeeming rewards will cost you Rs. 50 each time. Once your card is banned, you cannot use it to make purchases, thus you cannot use reward points to make purchases.

Do HSBC credit cards include a cost for new cards?

To replace your credit card, HSBC will charge you Rs. 100.

My HSBC credit card has been damaged. Now what do I need to do?

Calling the HSBC Phone Banking line will allow you to report the damage and get a replacement. You may also log in to your HSBC internet banking account and use the Order Replacement Card option from the site.